Two steps must be done prior to participating in a sport or camp:

  1. Register an Athlete
  2. Turn in a Physical-Recommended, but not required, for camps.

**Please be sure to use the same login information for all season registrations. Do not allow your athlete to register themselves or you will miss important updates from the athletic office

On-Line Registration is required before camps or tryouts begin: 8to18 Online Registration

State of Illinois Freshman Physical: Freshman Physical (PDF) The freshman physical fulfills the school requirement  for incoming freshman and athletics as long as it does not expire within the athlete’s sport season. Do not turn in a separate IHSA physical. 

IHSA Sophomore, Junior, Senior Physical: Upperclassman Physical (PDF)

E-Mail Physical Form To Cindy Scalone: Fax (815)717-3522-— Drop it off in Athletics. 

Feel free to contact the athletic office for general questions and the coach for specific questions.


  • A physical is required by the Illinois High School Association for all athletes each school year.  
  • An athlete cannot participate in any sport season without a completed physical on file.
  •  The online registration process must be completed prior to the first day of participation.
  • Physical forms are above and on this athletic website.
  • Online registration can also be found on this website.  

Physicals are required for all students before tryouts begin. 

  • A coach will not let you tryout without it.
  • Physicals are valid for 13 months and are required every year. There is no grace period.
  • The summer is the best time to get a physical since it will not expire during any season. Turn it in right away.
  • Physicals can be brought in, faxed or e-mailed to the athletic secretary.
  • If e-mailing it, it must be attached as a pdf. Pictures from cell phones will not be accepted.
  • Turn it in to the athletic office first and the athletic secretary will give it to the nurse after entering into 8to18. Do not turn one in to the athletic office and the nurse.
  • Make a copy for your records and be sure that the parent, athlete and doctor have signed and dated it.

Feel free to log-in to 8to18 account to see if a current physical is on file. Once logged in, it is under Student Information. 

Here’s how to use your iPhone’s scanner:

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