Warriors News · Marco Pettinato was our Ultimate Warrior in 2017 #WhereAreTheyNow


Marco Pettinato was our Ultimate Warrior in 2017. Marco would like to give a special thank you to Coach Flaherty and Coach Mandella for their continued guidance even after leaving the school.

Sports Played at West:  Basketball, Track & Field

College: Lewis University , Class of 2021

Sports Played in College: Basketball

Major: Double major in math and computer science

Why You Chose Your College: I chose Lewis because it gave me the best opportunity to attend a respectable school that had great programs in what I wanted to study. Additionally, it allowed me to compete at high level in basketball and continue playing the sport I love.

Accomplishments in College: Sport: Team Captain, 2018 GLVC regular season champions. Academics: Deans List, Brother Delahanty student athlete award. Have been a student researcher at the university won the PME outstanding research presentation award at national conference.

Current Occupation: Student. I plan on attending graduate school to get my masters in Data Analytics.

Favorite Athletic Memory at West: The state finals run by the mens basketball team in 2016.

Best Advice for Warrior Athletes: First off I would like to thank Lincoln-Way West as I truly believe that the people and school itself prepared me so well for the world after high school. So my advice to current students, athletes or not, would be to use the plentiful resources at the school. Each day in the crazy world we currently live in provides a new challenge, or so it seems. Due to this we find ourselves thinking about how we wish things COULD be. The problem is a lot of those things are out of our control, and the sooner we accept and embrace that harsh reality the better off and quicker we can find ourselves making progress again. If we spend our time thinking about the things we cannot control we lose time getting ahead on the things we can. Which relates back to the point about using your resources at the school. Everyone is struggling right now, but not everyone has such a large community of people who want to help, and as students at West you have that. The people in that building are truly some of the best people I have met and they would do nearly anything for their students and the sooner you realize that and create the mindset of being open to talk with someone about the help you need or the struggles you are facing the better off you will be. In doing all this I firmly believe you will find yourself in a better place or continuing to work towards the goals and dreams you have even though the world around you might not seem like the place most conducive for success right now.