Warriors News · Every School Needs a Fan Like Leroy~

Have you seen Leroy at a game? He is one of our super (& special) fans. Every season, he comes in to get a game schedule. He looks forward to watching the games, whether they are girls or boys or having a good season or a bad one. Recently, he went to watch the girls play at State. He stayed in a hotel and went back and watched them for day 2. Thank you to the Warrior family, whoever you may be,  who drove him there. We were wondering who the first person would be to come in to buy a girls basketball state playoff ticket and we were right, it was Leroy.

In a recent conversation with Leroy, he talked about how he would walk across the cornfield to come to the games before the bike trail was put in. Our athletic director stopped in to see him recently to drop off a State shirt for him and to see how he was doing.

That is what community is all about. It is just a sport to some people, but it is much more than that. We missed our spring sports and we know that Leroy missed them too. This too shall pass. Thank you to our special fan, Leroy and to all the “Leroy’s” in our community.