Warriors News · Summer Camps Update

All youth summer camps are currently suspended for the month of June. High School camps may or may not be suspended depending on the sport. If you would like to receive information on any specific summer sports camp, feel free to contact the head coach. Visit our website for any updates as it is constantly changing based on IHSA guidelines. Thank you for your patience as we try to prepare the safest way to proceed with summer camps. If a camp is canceled, we will offer full refunds for those who have already paid. Our online registration is currently closed. Head coaches are listed below.

Aquatics/Water Polo: Boys-Nick Shaub-nshaub@lw210.org  Girls-Eric Pavlacka-epavlacka@lw210.org

Badminton: Chris Hack-chack@lw210.org-Camps Canceled

Baseball: Jake Zajc-jzajc@lw210.org

Basketball: Boys-Brian Flaherty-bflaherty@lw210.org  Girls-Ryan White-rwhite@lw210.org

Cross Country: Boys-Jason Van Swol-jvanswol@lw210.org  Girls: Matt Bowden-mbowden@lw210.org-Begins June 8

Football: Luke Lokanc-lmlokanc@lw210.org

Golf-Boys-Dan Szablewski-dszablewski@lw210.org   Girls-Tim Daly-tdaly@lw210.org

Gymnastics-LWE-Kory Thompson-kthompson@lw210.org

Lacrosse-Boys-Tyler Jackson-tylercjackson@comcast.net  Girls-LWC-Jim Malec-jmalec@d230.org

Soccer-Boys-Matt Laude-mlaude@lw210.org-July 20-23, July 27-30  Girls-Jeff Theiss-jtheiss@lw210.org-All Girls Camps Canceled

Softball-Heather Novak-hnovak@lw210.org

Tennis-Boys-Tim Daly-tdaly@lw210.org  Girls-John Cupp-jcupp@lw210.org Boys & Girls Youth Camp Canceled

Pole Vault-LWC-Joe Strain-jstrain@manhattan114.org

Volleyball-Boys-Jodi Frigo-jfrigo@lw210.org  Girls-Kendall Villa kendall.villa@lw210.org

Wrestling-Brian Glynn-bglynn@lw210.org-Camps Canceled